Castingcall Extras - American Hurdle Runners

Kompensasjon: 1 500 kr

For participation in a promotional film for the
SUMMER OLYMPICS IN TOKYO I'm in search of extras who are active within sports and who are physically fit.
Candidates are required to be comfortable in front of the camera.
Filming on Wednesday the 4th of March in a studio in Oslo.
Highly professional production company.
No lines. In that respect, candidates do not have to speak Norwegian, but must be able to communicate in English.
The film will be aired on certain TV channels and on internet leading up to the Olympics.
Fee: 1500,- for half a day.
ROLES: AMERICAN HURDLERS, men and women, 20 - 35 years of age.
Candidates do not have to be of the above mentioned nationality, but must look like they can be.
Participants do not have to be hurdlers by profession, but must have a bodybuild that can suit the part and be able to jump one hurdle correctly in the studio. Experience with comparable sports could be an advantage.
Please send a mail as soon as possible containing
contact information, age, new photos of face and figure - in singlet and shorts, and a 20 second presentation.
NB: Mark the mail 'HURDLER MAN' or 'HURDLER WOMAN'
Tips my way and sharing of the ad is much appreciated ! 😀
Thank you ! ...

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