Male actor required for a short horror film - Valerious

We are casting for a unique, exciting, short horror film directed by an award winning UK based director and established Norwegian producer. The short will be entered into the global festival circuit as well as being part of a series of meeting and presentations in L.A later in the year.
The teams last short film premiered at The Graumans Chinese Theatre in L.A as part of Screamfest (the biggest horror film festival in the world) and has played in many other festivals globally, finishing at The London Short Film festival and screening at the British Film Institute in London.
The film is a unique look at depression through a horror lens and involves the character of Erik taking drastic measures to move away from the demons of his past.
Filming will commence around the Oslo area on 11/12th December and actors will need to be available for the duration of filming.
As the film is self funded the budget is very small and as such the roles will be unpaid (no-one involved with the film is receiving any payment, all cast & crew are volunteering time) however of course all expenses, food & drink etc will be covered.
If selected from initial applications we will send you a section of script and ask for a recorded read through to be emailed back to us. A further audition may then be arranged.
The role:
Valerious haunts his host, taunting him and mocking him as he goes about his life. Valerious has a rock star like quality and demenaour. Arrogant, cocky and a bully, Valrious is bemused when his host begins to fight back.
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