Two actors needed for a day-long video shoot - Man 18-30

Up for negotiation.
Talent Desired:
Actor 1 - A young male who understands and ideally identifies with the streetwear culture.
Actor 2 - An older or elderly woman with an energy and a youthful sense of self.
We need two actors from very different demographics to participate in a shoot that will require no dialogue. The acting for this purpose will largely lean on the ability to communicate emotions via facial expressions and body language to highlight a consumer experience (e-commerce & brick & mortar).
Commitment Required:
Tentatively, the talent should expect the shoot to last at least one working day.
Location & time:
The shoot will take place in Oslo on the 30th & 31st of January.
Please send your headshots and portfolio (or examples/links) of previous work. If you don’t have previous experience please send a video with motivation for the role.

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