Purpledragons need 2 actors for the short film "rusty loves you"

The short film «Rusty loves you» needs two ladies to play the leading parts of Danny (who owns Rusty - a small dog) and Erin. Acting age 25-40 years, both need to be able to act in English. Ethnicity and body shape is not important - chemistry between the two characters is. If one or both have small dogs, it is a welcome addition!
Recording dates are set to April 30th to May 2nd, and auditions are set on April 11th.
Resumé of the film: Danny and Erin have met online and are having their first in-person meeting. After a dinner out, Danny comes on to Erin quite strongly, but Erin does not follow up, and leaves rather abruptly. In the end, Danny’s motive for being so active is revealed: She must have someone to share the rent on the flat, or she’ll lose it!
Director Kamilla Jane Vaile (born in the US) also wrote the manuscript for a competition for directors arranged by the producers.
Purple Dragons Tales AS, is a non-profit production company. None of the staff gets paid unless the film is sold and makes a profit or gets adequate funding from public sources. Any profit will be divided equally among participants, based on how many hours each has worked on set or in meetings.
All hygiene rules for the pandemic are upheld, and the crew present at the shoot will be kept to a minimum. Food is provided on set. We are a multicultural, female-focused collective and encourage openness in all aspects of a production.
Send your application with a short self-tape presenting yourself by April 5th. ...

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